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You've Found the Sage City Relic Hunters Club!

Welcome to the Sage City Relic Hunters Club Website!
We're a metal detecting club based in Central Illinois. Our members hail from Decatur, Monticello (Sage City), Champaign-Urbana, and other Central Illinois communities.

A little about us...
The Sage City Relic Hunters are a group of metal detecting enthusiasts who meet monthly to:

*Show and judge finds (see our Events Schedule link for the schedule of which finds are judged in which meetings)

*Plan events (see our Events Schedule link in for dates and times of our competition hunts)

*Talk about detecting

*Share advice

*Discuss new products

*And much more!

Interested in Metal Detecting?
Are you interested in the fascinating and rewarding hobby of metal detecting? We always welcome visitors and new members to our meetings. We're a great group of people who are passionate about history and lost treasure. Email us at the address below for our next meeting dates or for more information about the Sage City Relic Hunters!

Lose something you'd like to find?
If you've lost something made of metal in grass, dirt, sand or water in central Illinois and you have a general idea of where it was lost, we can help. Email us at the link below for more information.

If you're interested in finding out more about the Sage City Relic Hunters or metal detecting in Central Illinois, you can email us
at PBNTOAU@hotmail.com

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