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What is Metal Detecting?

The hobby of metal detecting covers lots of ground!
Simply put, metal detecting is the practice of finding metallic objects in the ground. It takes on different forms depending on the area being "hunted" and the objects that are being searched for. A good metal detector can range in price from two hundred dollars to a thousand or more. See the manufacturers links on our "Metal Detecting Links" page to see different models. Also check out the link to Discount Detectors for some of the best prices and customer service available. Beware of detectors that cost less than two hundred dollars new. They are usually little more than toys.

Sage City Relic Hunter "Coin Shooting" a field on the central Illinois plains.
Coin Shooting is the practice of looking for coins with a metal detector. Untold millions of coins are buried in the ground, waiting to be found!

Some detectors can even go under water!
Some modern metal detectors can search under water and on land. Gold and silver jewelry and coins are lost every day in the water. The coins, silver cross pendant, and gold ring shown on the right were all found by a Sage City Relic Hunter on the beaches of the Carribean!

Relic Hunting is another specialization of metal detecting.
Many people, particularly those in the Southern United States, search for relics of the American Civil War. Bullets, belt plates, buttons, and even whole rifles and swords can still be found in some locations. Some of these items can be worth thousands of dollars.

Hunting for gold nuggets can also be done with a metal detector.
Natural gold nuggets can be found in many parts of the United States with metal detectors. Natural nuggets can sell for much more than their gold value, so even a relatively small nugget can pay for the cost of a detector. Some meteorites can also be found with a detector and can be worth more than gold.